128e manifestation nocturne


  1. RR said:

    The person being dragged about by the police is someone with whom I am very impressed. I’m very happy to have met him. Those who did this thing ought to be ashamed of themselves, though I somehow think that such is beyond possibility. That the possibility that someone he cares about might be abused is not considered to be a valid reason to remain witness to what was happening shows the depravity of these so-called minions of the law. Why would they consider it valid when it would be they who carries out the abuse? This was another two thumbs down performance by the SPVM. That they tried desperately to keep people from witnessing, from recording the events is unfortunately no surprise following the events of the August 18 debacle when they attacked people filming the events and ordered them to move from that which they were filming. For shame. There is no freedom of the press, said one of them… that’s an indictment of Charest’s rule far worse than anything any of the protesters have said so far. They are condemning themselves….

    • Thien said:

      His friend was getting a ticket by the police at that moment, and the rest of the cops asked the marchers to move away. I was staying at the side of his friend, behind the cops line, but he was with the rest of the marchers and tried to resist to being pushed out. Then, they arrested him for resisting. I decided to took picture of the arrestation, and the cops immediately try to stop me taking picture, asking for me to get out. I said to him I have the right to take picture, referring to freedom of press. He replied bluntly: “There’s no freedom of press here”.
      After his friend was release, we walked away, but then she decided to stay with him and she got arrested too.

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